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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Sorrows of the Season Finale of Downton Abbey

OH DEAR!!!!  That was my reaction about last night's episode of Downton Abbey.  I had accidentally learned that Dan Stevens(Matthew Crawley) had not renewed his contract.  I was on the internet reading about the Academy Award nominees and was trying to figure out what movies  Jessica Chastain(The Help) had been in over the years; when the future of Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens was revealed.

All I can say about last night is that I was more angry than sad!  The consensus on blogs today is how dare PBS try to raise funds after this ending.  But I will say after all is said and done we will all return to watching it loyally.

We can not give up following the following characters:

1. Mr. Carson...he loves the rules!
2. Mrs. Hughes' compassion for Tom and her co-workers.
3. Mrs. Patmore and her wardrobe after last night!!
4. Alfred's love for cooking...who knows where that is going.
5. Thomas' new leaf...can it last?
6. Miss O'Brien....what a web she weaves!!

Above all else of the downstairs characters
ANNA AND MR. BATES what a precious part of the plot line last night.

Then of course there is the family.
1. We would not have great one liners to discuss on Mondays.  Thank you Maggie Smith!!!
2.  Lady Edith and her scandal
3. Maybe long suffering Lady Mary....and her future.
4.  Will the next few years still give us a jolly time?

I had a meal last night that reminded me of some wonderful meals that we have had on a cold day in the UK.

I will had the recipe soon, but for know here is a picture of the Chicken Pot Pie that we ate during the last episode.

Herb Crusted Chicken Pot Pie


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