While Wearing Pearls

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Texas Spring Time Ritual

A rite of passage for spring time in Texas is pictures in bluebonnets.  Since I have no grandchildren, Lucy had to stand in for us.  I am pleased with the picture and her sweet attitude!!

Lucy in the Bluebonnets

All While Wearing Pearls

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break

This past month I had decided to take a week in Colorado for Spring Break to get some projects started and to try to finish some projects.  I had not really realized when I planned this week away that it really was going to start my month of Spring Break.  My youngest daughter came home from Boston for her Spring Break upon my return from Colorado.  We had so much fun!!  Then the next week my middle daughter came home to run in the annual half marathon at Baylor.  We had a blast!!  I have cooked a lot this month, knitted a lot, and worked on a quilt top.  Here are some of our fun pictures.
 The mountains were beautiful but not much snow.  More has fallen since I've been home.

This is turning into a beautiful quilt.  I should finish this week. 

A few pictures of Cousin Camp

Griffin and Lucy resting

Smiling for the Camera

Griffin is missing Lucy!
Lucy loves her family!

Shopping at HEB.  What a find!

Finally Spring even though we have a few more nights below freezing!


Lucy waiting for the finish of the Bearathon

Great job!!!  Now some people had to get in the middle of the finish line!

After we finished the Bearathon we had a relaxing afternoon at home.  We then went to Rough Creek Lodge  for a wonderful evening of fun and food.  We love to take friends to Rough Creek that have not been to Texas before for a great introduction to Texas.  We started the evening with some Five Stand and then a fabulous meal!!  The Five Stand was a hit!!  It goes with out saying that the food was over the top.  

Five Stand Practice

They had so much fun!!

Appetizer.  Shrimp and Grits!

We had a wonderful evening and a fun Texas Day!!

All While Wearing Pearls