While Wearing Pearls

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You know you are addicted to Downton Abbey when..

You know you addicted to Downton Abbey when......

1.  Your Sunday night menu revolves around a British tradition.  This week we had tea while watching Downton Abbey.  I made a sweet biscuit style strawberry shortcake for tea.  These are a little sweeter than a scone but wonderful. 

2.  You start using phrases from the show in your everyday conversation such as "jolly"!  This is not used very often in central Texas.

3.  You and your friends use the names of the characters as if they live next door. 

4.  Extremely disappointed if someone schedules a meeting that could possibly make you late to watch the show.  Fortunately mine was canceled this week, it would be a little embarrassing to skip a meeting for a TV show. 

5.  When your pastor mentions the show in his sermon and you understand his point of seeking tradition.

6.  You go through your pictures of the UK and try to plan a trip to visit the home where the show is filmed.  When Harry Potter was first out we took our girls to King's Cross station to see Platform 9&3/4. 

7.  "At my age I must ration my excitement"  Isn't Maggie Smith a jewel in this show?  I have to ration my excitement waiting for the show this coming Sunday.  

And All While Wearing Pearls 

Monday, January 21, 2013

"One must ration your excitement!"

I loved this quote from Lady Violet last week on Downton Abbey!!  This is how I felt as I was finishing my quilt.

I laid it out to look at it and I am very pleased with the result, now to put on the binding.  I had a lot of help from Lucy!!!

She loves the color of the binding.(wink,wink)

As the binding is falling to the floor it is falling on her.  I think by now she is napping.

When I laid the quilt out to attach the binding she immediately got on it and fell asleep.  I can tell that I need to finish this project in the breakfast room where I can lay the quilt out on a larger table.

Lucy remember one must learn to ration your excitement!!!

Can you tell we are really into Downton Abbey.  

Have a great day.

While Wearing Pearls

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Tribute to Garlic Expressions

I'm calling this post a tribute to Garlic Expressions but it is more like I had a panic attack.  I have mentioned before that I use this salad dressing all the time.  I substitue this dressing for a lot of homemade recipes in salads.  I get so many complements on my salads.  All I know is I like the way this taste with savory salads and salads that have fruit added to them.

Two weeks ago I go to our grocery store and I am making a salad for dinner that night.  I go to the salad dressing aisle and there is no Garlic Expressions.  So I look for the barcode tag on the shelf and it is gone.   I go to the chef kiosk and ask if they know where they have put the Garlic Expressions.
He calls the manager and send someone to the aisle to look for the product.  He  comes back to say they have never carried that product.  Give me a break.  I was introduced to this amazing dressing by a former chef at the store.

When I checked out at the store I asked for a form to ask about the product, I stated in all caps that they have always carried it and need to get it back.  I then got home and ordered 6 bottles from the company, which was a great experience.  (I learned a couple of years ago that you can order directly from the company because my daughter that lives in Denver could not get it.  I often brought several bottles for her when I would go for a visit.  One of her local stores has finally started to carry it so she is very happy.)  It has arrived and we are enjoying it.

I returned to the store to buy groceries and went down the salad dressing aisle just to see what has happened.  It is back on the self and with an ample supply.  Meanwhile I will use the ones I ordered and buy some at the store.  It really was a small panic attack but nothing else taste like this product.

All While Wearing Pearls

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finished and Mailed

Infinity Scarf
I finished and mailed the scarf on Friday.  So now I'm trying a new infinity scarf pattern but it will be a lot slower.


I just got this back from the quilter, now I need to put the binding on to finish it.  I love this project.  It is my first quilt to put together that was not in a class. 

 It is a cold misty day so it is perfect for finishing projects.

All While Wearing Pearls

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Downton Abbey Season Premier

Even Lucy got into watching the season premier.  I think she likes the family's lab!!

To honor the beginning of the new season of Downton Abbey we had a typical dinner of English pub food, ultimate comfort food.  I fixed Cottage Pie or sometimes called Shepards' Pie.  I combined two recipes that worked for us.  I used this Jamie Oliver recipe and a Tasty Kitchen Recipe .  I had leftover mashed potatoes to put on top of the casserole.  We loved celebrating the season premiere.

The meat mixture including the English peas!!!

I served the meal on a set of dishes that we bought the first time we went to the UK.  This is a beautiful set of Runnymede by Wedgwood in green.  I love them.
The Cottage Pie was delicious and great comfort food.  
Stay turned for what I'm serving for the next episode of Downton Abbey.

Maybe we will have "jolly hair" !!
All While Wearing Pearls

Monday, January 7, 2013

First Project of the New Year

Infinity Scarf
My first project of the year is this beautiful infinity scarf for my oldest daughter.  I am almost finished and ran out of yarn.  I am waiting for the extra yarn  to be shipped from Estes Park Colorado.  It is gorgeous!!!  I will post the finished scarf soon only 4 rows to go.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year

Hoppin' John

This new year we celebrated New Year's Day with trying two great recipes from the Pioneer Woman website.  The recipes are now going to be a family tradition for us every year.  They are awesome.  The recipes are Hoppin' John (I used brown rice & bacon) and Zannie's Black-eyed Pea Dip.  Both are really good!!  I have made a dip similar in the past that called for 2 sticks of butter and a pound of velveeta, so this was much better.  I hope that all have started a great new year.  We have had a great Christmas Holiday with our girls at home.  On January 6, our youngest goes back to Boston to start her spring semester.  Her last day in Texas has been beautiful.  Looking forward to more post as the New Year begins.