While Wearing Pearls

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You know you are addicted to Downton Abbey when..

You know you addicted to Downton Abbey when......

1.  Your Sunday night menu revolves around a British tradition.  This week we had tea while watching Downton Abbey.  I made a sweet biscuit style strawberry shortcake for tea.  These are a little sweeter than a scone but wonderful. 

2.  You start using phrases from the show in your everyday conversation such as "jolly"!  This is not used very often in central Texas.

3.  You and your friends use the names of the characters as if they live next door. 

4.  Extremely disappointed if someone schedules a meeting that could possibly make you late to watch the show.  Fortunately mine was canceled this week, it would be a little embarrassing to skip a meeting for a TV show. 

5.  When your pastor mentions the show in his sermon and you understand his point of seeking tradition.

6.  You go through your pictures of the UK and try to plan a trip to visit the home where the show is filmed.  When Harry Potter was first out we took our girls to King's Cross station to see Platform 9&3/4. 

7.  "At my age I must ration my excitement"  Isn't Maggie Smith a jewel in this show?  I have to ration my excitement waiting for the show this coming Sunday.  

And All While Wearing Pearls 

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