While Wearing Pearls

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Downton Abbey Season Premier

Even Lucy got into watching the season premier.  I think she likes the family's lab!!

To honor the beginning of the new season of Downton Abbey we had a typical dinner of English pub food, ultimate comfort food.  I fixed Cottage Pie or sometimes called Shepards' Pie.  I combined two recipes that worked for us.  I used this Jamie Oliver recipe and a Tasty Kitchen Recipe .  I had leftover mashed potatoes to put on top of the casserole.  We loved celebrating the season premiere.

The meat mixture including the English peas!!!

I served the meal on a set of dishes that we bought the first time we went to the UK.  This is a beautiful set of Runnymede by Wedgwood in green.  I love them.
The Cottage Pie was delicious and great comfort food.  
Stay turned for what I'm serving for the next episode of Downton Abbey.

Maybe we will have "jolly hair" !!
All While Wearing Pearls

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