While Wearing Pearls

Monday, January 21, 2013

"One must ration your excitement!"

I loved this quote from Lady Violet last week on Downton Abbey!!  This is how I felt as I was finishing my quilt.

I laid it out to look at it and I am very pleased with the result, now to put on the binding.  I had a lot of help from Lucy!!!

She loves the color of the binding.(wink,wink)

As the binding is falling to the floor it is falling on her.  I think by now she is napping.

When I laid the quilt out to attach the binding she immediately got on it and fell asleep.  I can tell that I need to finish this project in the breakfast room where I can lay the quilt out on a larger table.

Lucy remember one must learn to ration your excitement!!!

Can you tell we are really into Downton Abbey.  

Have a great day.

While Wearing Pearls

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