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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lucy turns 2 = Lab Love!!

Lucy turned 2 today.  We have had an interesting journey learning how to raise a Lab puppy, but it all equals to love for her.
Here are some fun pictures of her that we all have enjoyed.

Love at First Sight

After a quick trip to the emergency room the first night she felt better.

She has always been very serious!!

First trip to Austin for a sleep over


No I will not swim!!  She has never gotten into the pool.  Who ever heard of a lab that doesn't swim?

First Hiking Trip to Colorado.

Caught on the furniture inside and outside!!!

Playing fetch!!

Above all else watching Downton Abbey.

I never knew how much fun a lab would, be until we got Lucy!!

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  1. Happy belated birthday sweet Lucy. May all your doggie dreams come true!