While Wearing Pearls

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Part Two of Adventures in Quilting

 I finally got my computer to put of the pictures of the progress of my quilt after the disappearing ink fiasco!   So here they are and as you can see Lucy Belle is enjoying this by sleeping in my chair.

She was not disappointed by the delay because she realized she could have the whole chair by herself!
This is the part that I had to start over because the ink disappeared, even with this I'm happy with the progress I making.

Now more about my fun trip in March.....

This is a statue of Henry the Eighth of England.  This was my first trip to Cambridge it is really an interesting town out of London.  We walked around the different Colleges that make of the Cambridge University system.  There are a lot there.   We got there on a day that we could not tour The Kings College(Henry's), so we quickly found a place to eat lunch (Wagamama's).  The hunt was on for some antique stores in Cambridge and will say we were very successful.  We found some amazing things but the highlight was finding a dealer with a lot of personality.  When we would look at something he would say that we didn't want it because it was too "chippy" we really found some things of interest but needed to research an item to make sure of its value.   So we decided to get tea and think about what we saw.  After we were refreshed we went to the Evensong Services at King's Chapel, this was so amazing to attend.  I had not been to a services like that before and will go to one every time I'm in England.  After the service we headed back to London, we then discovered what we saw in Cambridge was of value and knew we would go back.
It was such a fun experience in Cambridge that we did not mind another day there.
As promised to my girls tomorrow I will add some family favorite recipes.
So Cheerio for now.....


  1. Hello!
    Cant wait for the family recipes!
    And I am so glad I can keep track of your quilt. It is going to be beautiful!

  2. Hello Peggy, Such fond memories of our fantastic trip to England! Thank you for going back to Cambridge for my treasures. Your blog is so much fun!