While Wearing Pearls

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Adventures in Quilting!

I have signed up for a quilting class that has been a great learning experience.  I like to sew and now that I have finally learned how to thread my new machine I'm in business.  It took me two hours to learn to thread the thing and make a bobbin.  That is a whole different story.  I do miss the fact that my Mom's old Singer Slantomatic quit working after many repair jobs.

So I signed up for a quilting class and have started making my first quilt.  I hope it turns out okay.  It is going to be very small but hopefully cute.  I chose these reproduction fabrics for the first one.  The other morning I had about 45  minutes before I needed to go to lunch with friends so I thought I could start marking my fabric to make half squares and flying geese.(whatever that means)   So I carefully measure and mark the fabric so that later I could cut them and start sewing.   Well I got home after several hours and all of my marks had disappeared!  I had used disappearing ink.  Hopefully this will not happen again but it was so funny because I was being super careful with what I was doing because I am trying to learn the technique of quilting.

I have some pictures of my progress that are on my phone but can not get them to upload for my blog.  It goes with out saying that I am very new at this.  Definitely a work in progress.

Tomorrow is my second class and I still have a little homework to go so ...."sew" long for now.

While Wearing Pearls

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